Re-envision education with us!

We are a self-directed, interest-led learning community located in the Philippines.

We are a part of Liberated Learners, a network of Self-Directed Learning centers across North America which began with North Star-Self Directed Learning for Teens.

What is Abot Tala?

Think of Abot Tala as a modern co-learning hub for children, teens, and young people.

Our 21st century learners can choose personalized classes, take part in holistic mentoring and enjoy the freedom of a flexible schedule.

We value respect, empathy, and accountability.

Members and mentors work together to make sure that our community is fun, safe, supportive, and conducive to learning.

All our classes are interest-led and voted for by our members.

We encourage collaborative projects within the community and with various partners.

We have four programs.

Abot Tala Junior
Ages 8-11. Where Playing is Learning

Abot Tala High
Ages 12-16. Self-Directed Learning for Teens

Launchpad Abot Tala
Ages 17-22. A Practical Approach to Launching Your Career

Abot Tala Plus
Ages 12 and above. Extra Enrichment for Everyone

There are no admission deadlines or tests to take! EXPLORE our website to see if we might be the right fit for you and your teen.

Contact us to schedule a family meeting to see if our alternative is what your teen needs. You can also fill up the contact form below.