“What do you want to learn?”

If you ask a group of teens the question: “What do you want to learn in the next couple of months?” — what do you think they’d say?

At Abot Tala, we regularly ask our teens this question. Since the classes we offer every block are interest-led, our first step in coming up with a program that constantly evolves is to ask the teens for their wishlist of classes. Just dream away, we say. We’ll figure out how to make it happen after.

Here’s what’s on our teens’ wish/request list for possible topics, classes & study groups for our next block (August-September):

  • A creative writing class that teaches them to create/build worlds for their fictional characters
  • An art class that covers sketching proper human anatomy and vast sceneries of nature
  • A fashion class which comes with weekly design challenges
  • A voice-over/voice acting class
  • Animation basics
  • Game development
  • Screenplay writing
  • A philosophy class
  • A dance class
  • A fitness or physical ed class
  • A class that would teach them how to help their community even better
  • A fact-checking and news journalism class to learn how to decipher real news from fake news
  • A silence class where no one needs to talk. Instead, they’ll be working on silent activities throughout the session.
  • A class where teens tell each other what they want to learn during that hour, they break up into small groups in different breakout rooms, learn about it a topic with a group and once they’re back in the main (zoom) room, they’ll share whatever they’ve learned.
  • A formal Filipino class to help them with state-administered tests in the future.
  • Different languages such as Japanese, Korean and German
  • Digital Film Making
  • Graphic Design which covers basic photo editing, color theory, typography, and layout
  • A class that talks about the realities of the aviation industry specifically tailored for those who want to explore a career as a pilot or a flight attendant
  • A class on music theory
  • A class to help them understand modern art
  • A love and relationships class
  • Psychology
  • Scrapbooking
  • Baybayin
  • Dreams: how they work and what they mean?
  • A class where they can learn how to write good poetry, and appreciate existing poems.
  • A class where they can learn how to write drama stories, romances, and plot twists.
  • Book Club: Discover and talk about books!
  • Practical Horrors: A class where they can learn useful skills for everyday life: cooking, work, first-aid, etc.
  • Imagination’s Edge: A class where they resolve funny and serious scenarios and puzzles – what would you do if there was a zombie apocalypse? What would you do if your house was flooded or burned down?
  • Canine Care: A class where they learn about dogs and how to take care of them (for people who want them) and how to train them.
  • Nooks of the Globe: A class where they can learn about different countries, what it’s like to live there, and appreciate their culture.
  • A Watercolor class
  • A KPOP Appreciation class
  • Food Science
  • A piano class
  • A class on how to learn manga illustration
  • An Interior Designing class to help them redesign or redecorate their rooms.

We also ask our teens what current classes they want to be extended because they haven’t maxed it out. Then we ask our current team of mentors a similar question along with an important reminder too — “What would you like to teach? It has to be something that excites you, something that makes you happy.”

If your family is considering Abot Tala next block, your teen can still vote for the classes he/she is interested in until Thursday, 9pm. They may vote here.

If you would like more information about Self-Directed Learning and Abot Tala, please send us an email: abottala.ph@gmail.com. We’d be happy to tell you more about it.

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