October-December 2020 Rewind Magazine

If you were able to catch our post last week about our very first Rewind Magazine, you know that it’s one of the ways we let you in on what goes on within a block at Abot Tala. It also functions as another platform where our teens get to contribute and share their work. (There’s a lot of that in this issue!) Our Rewind Mag also helps our homeschooling families when it comes to putting together a portfolio for their homeschool provider because the summary of the lessons per class is in the mag.

Before we share the last block’s issue, we’d like to make sure you know that we’ve got a new block starting on January 18. You can read more about it here: Abot Tala January-March 2021.

As promised, here’s what went on during our October-December 2020 Block:

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