AT High & Launchpad Block Three 2022

What: Block Three of Abot Tala’s Self-Directed and Interest-Led Learning Program
When: October 24 – December 17, 2022
Where: Abot Tala’s Slack Workspace, Zoom, Gather Town, as well as different locations every other Monday for our in-person sessions.
Who: Young people, ages 12-22 who would like to be part of an interest-led learning community. We welcome teen homeschoolers, unschoolers, and those who are taking a break or gap year, especially during this global pandemic.

Special dates to remember for this block:
Please note that none of these activities/events are required. It is open to those who want to be part of it.

October 18-21Teen-led Week
Before classes officially start, teens may want to get to know and spend time with our community members during our virtual Teen-led Week where teens are in charge of all the activities and special sessions.

October 31 – Halloween Party and SDL Monday
For the past couple of years, we’ve had our Halloween party online. This year, it’s time to party in person! This is a costume party for our teens and mentors at our favorite SDL venue, SaLaro along Maginhawa St, Quezon City.

November 14 – SDL Library Day
This will be at Union Church Library in Makati.

November 28 – SDL SaLaro Monday
This will be at SaLaro in Quezon City

December 5 – Field trip
(Details to be discussed during the block)

December 17 – In-person Christmas Party
It’s time to party with the whole community (parents included!) in-person. Details for the party will be discussed during the block.

*Please note that there are fees for SDL sessions and the field trip.

For those who can only join us virtually throughout the block, we also have a fun virtual center on Gather where teens can hang out and have fun anytime they want.


Our teens get to choose and join the classes they’d like to be part of based on their interests and curiosity. They have the freedom to design their personal schedule around the classes they’ve chosen, so they’d also have time to collaborate with other teens and work on their passion projects and homeschool requirements (if they have a homeschool provider). When they join our classes they won’t be graded. The motivation to be part of a class is purely to learn and not to earn grades.

Each teen is also paired up with a mentor for one-on-one sessions where they get to talk about how their classes and activities are going, what keeps them busy, what projects they’re working on, whatever direction they wish to take, and more.

Teens and young adults may choose to join the Launchpad program. The minimum age to join is 16 if the teen has been with Abot Tala High for at least one block, and 17 for new members. 

This is a specialized program wherein members will have access to portfolio, apprenticeship, and business start-up mentors. Launchpad aims to support young people as they develop future-proof skills, connect to a thriving network of professionals, and take on real-life passion projects. However, if you feel that your teen is ready for the Launchpad program and is not yet 16 or 17, please let us know so we may discuss it.


Scroll down to read the class descriptions


Please note that all of the programs include the following as well: 

  • Weekly mentor-led community events (Community Huddle and Game Show Hour)
  • Mentor-led and teen-led clubs (please note that these are free for block three members)
  • Freedom Fridays (teen-led classes & activities)

Please note the additional rates for those who would like to join our in-person SDL sessions and our field trip:

  • For Three (3) SDL locations/in-person sessions: additional ₱1,500.00 ,
  • Selected SDL location/in-person session: ₱600 per location per session

For those who are part of the Launchpad program:

  • Portfolio Mentoring: additional 1,000 per month per mentor
  • Apprenticeship Mentoring: additional 1,000 per month per mentor
  • Business Start-up Mentoring: additional 1,000 per month per mentor

For those who would like to know more about our fee breakdown and how to pay in terms throughout the block, please visit our fees page or click here. Please note that if the number of classes you choose includes a .5 value(e.g. 3.5, 6.5, and so on), it is rounded up.


  1. If you have any questions or clarifications about the program, you may email us at or
  2. You may register for the block HERE.
  3. Expect an email to confirm your registration. Please note that we’ll be processing registrations from Monday to Friday 9:30 am-4:00 pm only. If your teen submits the form beyond that window, please expect an email the day after.
  4. Set a family meeting (for new members only) and choose your preferred meeting schedule HERE.
  5. Expect your invoice and our bank details via email. Please note that invoices will also be processed from Monday to Friday 9:30 am – 4:30 pm as well.
  6. Once payment has been made (via online bank transfer, GCash or Paypal), please email our billing address a copy of your proof of payment. This is a very important step because this allows us to trace payments.
  7. After we’ve received a copy of your proof of payment, an invitation to our Slack workspace will be sent to your teen so they can start to get to know the community through the non-class channels. We will also add your teen to his/her class channels on Slack.


Community Huddle with Abot Tala Staff Mentors
The only hour in the week where all of our teens are in one place! During huddles we have activities, both mentor and teen-led, to help us get to know each other better. We also get to talk about community updates, plans for the day or the week, as well as questions and issues they may have about the program. This is also when we consult the teens about certain decisions we make for the community. The huddle is every other Monday and is open to all block 3 members of Abot Tala.

SDL Mondays

Mondays are for SDL Learning: Spontaneous, Dynamic, and Liberated Learning! It’s the best way to transition from the weekend to a full-on week! Show up with or without an agenda! Learn about what you’re currently into with peers and mentors. From watching films or shows to playing games, working on crafts, or just hanging out and collaborating with the Abot Tala community. SDL Mondays are available both in-person and in different locations every Monday. It is also available virtually on Abot Tala’s Gather Town space.


Math Gym B (Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra) with Ericho Fuentes
This math class covers pre-algebra topics such as integers, fractions, percentages, and basic geometry. The objective of this course is to equip the learners with basic, practical mathematics knowledge that will prepare them for real-life applications and higher mathematics. This course will be administered asynchronously while utilizing online resources from Khan Academy and Tutorials in Taglish to address the varied learning paces and levels of the members of the class.

Creating Believable Characters Redux with Mich Alagao
*First 4 weeks of the block
This throwback 2020 class is back! Learn how to do a character study and use elements of psychology to create your own characters who can think and behave like real people.

Lost and… Found? An exploration of Lost Media with Mich Alagao
*Last 4 weeks of the block
“Lost media” is a general term for media (such as movies, TV episodes, audio clips, etc.) that no longer exists, is missing, or is not available to the general public. Why do we lose such media? What “lost media” have we actually found? And why are we so fascinated with it? In class we’ll try to answer these questions and watch some clips from or about famous examples of lost media.

Act Naturally with Joyce Buen
Bitten by the acting bug? Great! Let’s learn and work together in this hands-on acting class where you will test out different acting techniques used in the theatre.Try out various characters and genres while we workshop your performances. Whether you are acting out a monologue, a song, or a scene with a partner, it’s sure to be challenging, but fun!

Prod Naturally with Joyce Buen
A show is only as good as the people who put it together. Learn what it takes to put a show together! In this class, we will work as a team and explore different backstage roles that are integral to any great stage production.

Math Gym A and A+ (Algebra, Geometry, Pre-calculus) with Ericho Fuentes
This class covers algebra, geometry, and precalculus. This course will be administered asynchronously while utilizing online resources from Khan Academy and Tutorials in Taglish to address the varied learning paces and levels of the members of the class. This course is recommended for teens who are considering a career in science, engineering, and finance.


Storya ta! with Joshua Ira Nepomuceno
Let’s take a virtual trip to Bacolod and Iloilo to learn their history, festivals, attractions and language.  Why is Bacolod called the City of Smiles? When is Dinagyang celebrated every year? Dali, storya ta!

Letra at Musika: A Songwriting Class with Various Mentors
Have you always wanted to learn how to write songs? Have you started writing but feel you’re stuck and don’t know what to do next? Learn from different songwriters and ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask to help you write songs, whatever genre it may be.  

Mise-en-scène with Mich Alagao and Micah Fernandez
This basic film analysis class will discuss 4 types of film analysis and share strategies and resources related to film analysis. 

Participants are required to watch specific movies before the class. Access to a Netflix account is highly recommended.

Sci-fi RPG with Ericho Fuentes 
Explore the stories behind scientific discoveries and their impact to society and culture, as you take on quests with your comrades! This class will use the Open Legend RPG system for two (2) short campaign stories. Only twenty students will be admitted to this class.


Hectic to Healthy  with Owie dela Cruz
Do you often feel stressed or unbalanced? Is this something you fear will happen to you in the future? Are you in danger of burnout? Hectic to Healthy is the class for you! Learn and discuss the different ways to overcome stress and burnout as early as now. This class will be based on the books From Hectic to Healthy by Craig and Marie Jutila and Burnout: Overcoming Excess Stress by Andrew and Dr. Elizabeth Procter.

Influencer Yarn? Kumikita na Yarn! with various guest mentors
Can being a content creator on social media really be a full-time job? How do they do it? Learn different tips and techniques from various influencers who are already earning from their different social media platforms.

Wordshop: The Bones of a Story with Mich Alagao
Do you want to go on a hero’s journey, save the cat, or climb Freytag’s pyramid? Then this class is for you! Learn about the different story structures to help you outline your next work of fiction!

Relationships 101 with Diane and Gabe Gabriel
“Throughout this journey of life we meet many people along the way. Each one has a purpose in our life. No one we meet is ever a coincidence.” – Mimi Novic. 

In the next 8 weeks let’s have an open discussion on the kind of relationships we have now and any questions we might have about the relationships we will encounter in our journey of life and even love.

Game Show Hour with Ericho Fuentes
History, Science, Art, Movies, and anything under the sun, really. Lead your team to victory in the weekly Game Show Hour — our version of your typical Quiz Night! Game Show Hour is open to all block three members of Abot Tala.

It’s our way of making sure that there’s one day a week that’s fully available to all of our members so we can build a stronger community of self-directed learners. These classes and activities are mostly teen-led. They can also hold their club meeting and watch parties on this day. It’s their day, their rules.

The following mentor-led clubs are also available (schedule to be decided by club members):

Musician’s Circle with Mikey Amistoso
Hang out with musicians in our community and geek out about music!

Clueless Coders Club with Alex Francia
Interact with fellow coders!

Scientific Research Club with Ericho Fuentes
If you’re interested in science and/or research, then this is the club for you! Consult with our Academic mentor and begin your own scientific research project!

Ano Ba Yarn?! with Mich Alagao
Spend a relaxing hour knitting, crocheting, or cross-stitching while listening to music or chatting with other yarn-fanatics! 

Mugs of Character with Miguel Urgino
Creating your own characters has never been more popular, but not everyone knows how to express their characters through art in a way that satisfies their vision. Your babies deserve better! Join me in this club for drawing characters as I share all the things I’ve learned over the years trying to do my own bois justice!

To read about our mentors, click here (staff) and here (guest mentors).

For more photos of our past activities, visit our Instagram accounts here: and

For more information, send an email to or or call/send a message to 0915-2864494. 

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