August-September 2019

If it’s not a school, not a homeschool provider, not an after-school program, not a homeschool co-op, what is it then?  What is Abot Tala?

It is like a school since it offers classes but unlike school, there are no grades, report cards, certificates.  Unlike the typical highschool, you can choose the classes to attend based on your interest and curiosity.   Unlike school, there is no curriculum except the one you make yourself together with your mentor.

Abot Tala operates during school hours from 9am to 3pm so it’s definitely not for those looking for after-school activities. Teen members can stay at the center and attend classes from Mondays-Thursdays, or they can also choose just certain days of the week to be with a community that meets regularly. They can stay from 9am-3pm or they can be at the center just for their classes.

Here are the classes we’re offering from August 5 to September 26, based on the interests of the teens who are currently with us, and those who have expressed interest in joining Abot Tala.

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The Abot Tala Program is composed of the following:

Classes – members choose the classes they are interested in while the mentors offer classes that they are passionate about.  

Clubs – formed by the members themselves (e.g. food, book, history & debate club)

Open Hour – time for community meetings and pop-up classes, time for our teens to work on personal projects, learning and academic goals with the help of mentors

Block presentation – at the end of each period of two or three months, the members will present and exhibit what they learned

Mentorship – weekly one-on-one sessions with a full-time mentor and more targeted or field-related guidance with guest mentors

For more details about the fees, click here.

Here’s more information about the classes:

Math Gym
The Math Gym is a personalized enrichment program for learners who want to enhance their math knowledge and skills. Each learner’s current level and goals will be assessed at the beginning of the term. Throughout the duration of the course, a personalized curriculum will be develops based on the learner’s aptitude and learning style.

Letra at Musika
Learn conversational Filipino through songs by famous Filipino alternative & pop bands.

Improvisation is one of our most requested classes by the teens. No wonder, coz it’s fun and the skills they’ll learn are extremely useful in life, no matter what career path they choose. (Improv Theater is making scenes/lines up on the spot.)

Unleash the thespian in you. Develop basic skills in theater arts.

Positive Reactions
This is a sequel to Breaking Good in which the focus will be shifted to a more technical approach to chemical reactions and transformations. A prerequisite to this approach is an understanding of differences of the compositions of substances such as elements, ionic compounds and covalent compounds, which was learned in Breaking Good or in the first few weeks of high school chemistry.

History of Video Games
From arcade games to home consoles to handhelds to mobile games, you’re gonna get an overview of how video games developed, their effects on mankind, and where the industry is headed.. while having a bit of fun in the process!

Brand Design and Marketing
There’s more to branding than logos. This class will take you through the process of designing a brand for the purpose of marketing a product or service.

Historian Digest
History discussions (and debates) amongst teens while having lunch.

Sign Language
This is a class on Filipino Sign Language. FSL is English-based (not Tagalog), and is largely based on ASL just with some localization to Filipino culture. The mentor who’ll facilitate this class is deaf/hard of hearing so students will really learn from someone who uses FSL on a daily basis.

What’s Up, Ketchup?
Let’s talk about current events, what’s hip, what’s not. What’s going on in the world we live in? (This class alternates weekly with The Good, The Bad and The Ugly)

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
A study on crimes, ethics, and philosophy. The teens will be given scenarios and they will be encouraged to freely discuss their opinions, which will hopefully help them make well thought of decisions. (This class alternates weekly with What’s Up, Ketchup?)

Decoding Sheldon: A Physics Class
This basic physics course covers topics in kinematics (how fast objects are), dynamics (intensity of objects’ motions), electricity, magnetism, optics and astrophysics. The discussions will not include heavy mathematical calculations as the course is only for introductory learners of physics.

GRIT for Life
This class is aimed at helping teens build perseverance, self-control, and growth mindset, in order to better prepare them to fail well and bounce back so they may reach their long-term goals.

DIY Food
Learning how to be resourceful in making meals from scratch, experimental home cooking, and learning how to make simple pantry basics at home.

Dream Away
A safe and free space to think of your dreams and talk about it. No judgment whatsoever. We all need time to daydream. This is not a class. This will be a scheduled discussion time while having lunch coz food makes daydreaming a lot better.

Self-Esteem 102B
Continuation to Self-Esteem 101 & 102 where teens will continue to explore, understand, and value their authentic and unique selves and learn skills that will enable them to mature and move down their own paths with confidence, integrity, and peace.

Illuminated Saber Fighting (Light Saber Fighting)
Get the force moving and channel your inner Jedi.

Music Theory
This class is designed for informally-trained; intermediate-level musicians who want to have a better understanding of notes, scales, chords and other musical concepts. The students will also be guided on how to use these theoretical concepts in their own playing.

Turning Japanese
Basic conversational Japanese + Japanese culture

Basic Coding and Programming Theories. Those who sign-up for this class will need to bring their own laptop.

Classical Guitar
Learn to read notes and play the classical guitar. This is a one-on-one class. Those who sign-up for this class will have to bring their own classical guitar.

Yoga Flow
A relaxing yet powerful form of yoga to help you reconnect to your body while cultivating self-love and care. It helps reset your mind and emotions from all weekly activities and get ready for the weekend. Those who sign-up for this class will need to bring their own yoga mat.

Mic Test…..1,2,3
An introduction to the world of radio announcing, dubbing and voice acting.

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To sign-up for the classes, click here(For the teens) 
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