AT High & Launchpad Block One 2022

What: Block One of Abot Tala’s Self-Directed and Interest-Led Learning Program
When: June 6-July 29, 2022
Where: Abot Tala’s Slack Workspace, Zoom, Gather Town as well as different locations every Monday for our in-person SDL (Spontaneous, Dynamic, Liberated Self-Directed Learning sessions).
Who: Young people, ages 12-22 who would like to be part of an interest-led learning community. We welcome teen homeschoolers, unschoolers, and those who are taking a break or gap year, especially during this global pandemic.

Note: Before classes officially start, new members may want to get to know our mentors and some community members during our Community Outdoor Day at Corterra Eco Reserve in San Mateo, Rizal on May 28 and virtually from May 31-June 3 during our Teen-Led Week.


Our teens get to choose and join the classes they’d like to be part of based on their interests and curiosity. They have the freedom to design their personal schedule around the classes they’ve chosen, so they’d also have time to collaborate with other teens and work on their passion projects and homeschool requirements (if they have a homeschool provider). When they join our classes they won’t be graded. The motivation to be part of a class is purely to learn and not to earn grades.

Each teen is also paired up with a mentor for one-on-one sessions where they get to talk about how their classes and activities are going, what keeps them busy, what projects they’re working on, whatever direction they wish to take, and more.

Teens and young adults may choose to join the Launchpad program. The minimum age to join is 16 if the teen has been with Abot Tala High for at least one block, and 17 for new members. This is a specialized program wherein members will have access to portfolio, apprenticeship, and business start-up mentors. Launchpad aims to support young people as they develop future-proof skills, connect to a thriving network of professionals, and take on real-life passion projects. However, if you feel that your teen is ready for the Launchpad program and is not yet 16 or 17, please let us know so we may discuss it.



Please note that all of the programs include the following as well: 

  • Weekly mentor-led community events (Community Huddle and Game Show Hour)
  • Mentor-led clubs (Debate Club, Abot Tala Radio, Musician’s Circle, Kasaysayan Tambayan, Tara, Kain!, Knitting Club)
  • Freedom Fridays (teen-led classes & activities)
  • Online learning resources

Please note the additional rates for those who would like to join our in-person SDL sessions every Monday:

All 3 SDL locations/in-person sessions: additional 1,500 per month
Selected SDL location/in-person session: additional 600 per location per session
If your teen would like to join just our in-person SDL, please get in touch with us.

For those who are part of the Launchpad program:

Portfolio Mentoring: additional 1,000 per month per mentor
Apprenticeship Mentoring: additional 1,000 per month per mentor
Business Start-up Mentoring: additional 1,000 per month per mentor

For those who would like to know more about our fee breakdown and how to pay in terms throughout the block, please visit our fees page or click here. Please note that if the number of classes you choose includes a .5 value(e.g. 3.5, 6.5, and so on), it is rounded up.


Portfolio Mentoring: additional 1,000 per month per mentor
Apprenticeship Mentoring: additional 1,000 per month per mentor
Business Start-up Mentoring: additional 1,000 per month per mentor


  1. If you have any questions or clarifications about the program, you may email us at or
  2. You may register for the block here.
  3. Expect an email to confirm your registration.
  4. Family meeting (for new members only)
  5. An invitation to our Slack workspace will be sent to your teen so they can start to get to know the community through the non-class channels.
  6. Expect your invoice and our bank details via email.
  7. Once payment has been made (via online transfer or Paypal), please email our billing address a copy of your proof of payment. This is a very important step because this allows us to trace payments.
  8. After we’ve received a copy of your proof of payment, we will add your teen to his/her class channels on Slack.


Community Huddle with Abot Tala Staff Mentors
The only hour in the week where all of our teens are in one place! During huddles we have activities, both mentor and teen-led, to help us get to know each other better. We also get to talk about community updates, plans for the day or the week, as well as questions and issues they may have about the program. This is also when we consult the teens about certain decisions we make for the community. The huddle is open to all block 1 members of Abot Tala.

SDL Mondays

Mondays are for SDL Learning: Spontaneous, Dynamic, and Liberated Learning! It’s the best way to transition from the weekend to a full-on week! Show up with or without an agenda! Learn about what you’re currently into with peers and mentors. From watching films or shows to playing games, working on crafts, or just hanging out and collaborating with the Abot Tala community. SDL Mondays are available both in-person in different locations every Monday. It is also available virtually on Abot Tala’s Gather Town space.

Abot Tala Teens at Ayala Museum to cap the summer block.


Math Gym B (Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra) with Ericho Fuentes
This math class covers pre-algebra topics such as integers, fractions, percentages, and basic geometry. The objective of this course is to equip the learners with basic, practical mathematics knowledge that will prepare them for real-life applications and higher mathematics. This course will be administered asynchronously while utilizing online resources from Khan Academy and Tutorials in Taglish to address the varied learning paces and levels of the members of the class.

Speak Up! with Owie dela Cruz
Communication is important in every aspect of our life and it’s always worth learning how to unlock certain milestones in our communication journey. Spend the block learning about the art (and importance) of listening, how to talk to your parents and friends, and even how to socialize with a group of strangers! Learn to speak up…or forever hold your peace!

How to Start a Legit Online Business with Cindy Wong
Starting an online business nowadays is a piece of cake. But how do you make it a real, operational, and profitable business that people would be loyal and keep coming back to? That’s what we’ll dive into for “How to Start a Legit Online Business”!

Wordshop with Mich Alagao
Part lecture and part workshop for creative writing. We’ll explore some literary ideas, do exercises, give feedback on each other’s work, and look at some famous pieces for inspiration. Creative writers of all types and levels are welcome.

Modern Physics for Pedestrians with Ericho Fuentes
*First 4 Mondays of the block
As discoveries and in astronomy, quantum mechanics, relativity, and string theory start to find tangible applications in our daily lives, the modern learner must adapt to these bodies of knowledge. This is course aims to provide the learners a visual and practical understanding of some key principles in the different branches of modern physics. Unlike most physics courses, this one does not require the learners to have advanced mathematical knowledge to attend and participate in class.

Pokemon Biology with Ericho Fuentes
*Last 4 Mondays of the block
Imagine if Pokémon would suddenly exist in our world. How will humans adapt to them? Will Pokémon and animals get along? Will Pidgeottos prey on common rabbits? Can Corsolas and algae form mutualistic relationships? Will Lapras ferries be a thing? These hypothetical scenarios will be explored further using principles in biology and ecology.

Your Life! Your Design! with Pam Valenzuela
Do you know what you want to do in your life? Do you ask yourself “How do I find a job that I like or maybe even love?” or “How do I build a career that will make me a good living?” Do you find yourself saying ” I am not where I want to be, I am stuck and feel trapped” or “I have no clarity and direction in life” or “I want to achieve more than I have ever have before”? If yes, this course is for you! True happiness comes from designing a life that works for you!

Voice Acting & Storytelling with Trish Cabral
Do you want to learn how to do voice acting and dubbing? Then this class is for you! Learn from someone who currently works with several post-production houses to provide the character voices for actors for various soap operas in Tagalog, Spanish, Korean, and Portuguese that are dubbed into English for export.  

What a way to cap the summer block!


Love in the Time of Climate Change: Marine Ethics and the Human-Ocean Relationship with Ica Trinidad
With the rising sea levels, ocean acidification, and straws in turtle noses, it’s time for us to ask- What relationship have we had with nature that has led up to where we are today? What relationship do we need to have in order to heal a dying world? A philosophical approach to our planet’s problems gives a kind of understanding that numbers and statistics never will.

They shoot, He SCORES!!! with Mikey Amistoso
*Last 4 Mondays of the block
Join Mikey as he takes you into the world of musical scoring – the art of putting music into visuals! Learn how to set the mood of your films with the manipulation of music and silence!

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Redux with Mich Alagao
*First 4 sessions of the block
Welcome, crimefighters! Abot Tala’s class on crime, ethics, law, and society is back. Recommended for older teens as we tackle serious and (sometimes) sensitive issues.

Psych! with Mich Alagao
*Last 4 sessions of the block
How and why does psychology matter to me? For this class, we’ll be looking at practical applications of some psychological ideas in our everyday life.

Math Gym A and A+ (Algebra, Geometry, Pre-calculus) with Ericho Fuentes
This class covers algebra, geometry, and precalculus. This course will be administered asynchronously while utilizing online resources from Khan Academy and Tutorials in Taglish to address the varied learning paces and levels of the members of the class. This course is recommended for teens who are considering a career in science, engineering, and finance.

How to Get Away with a Short Film with Robert Gueco Tan
“It’s not what a movie is about, it’s how it is about it.”
― Roger Ebert

How to Get Away with a Short Film is an eight-session crash course on “how to get away with a short film”, where you get to watch movies that are less than twenty minutes long. In this class, students will be introduced to the art of “the short”. We’ll be discussing all the basic terms and jargon used in the industry, and we’ll go through every single step involved in the filmmaking process: from conceptualizing an idea and writing the script all the way to shooting and editing the final cut. Here, you’ll learn the dos and don’ts in crafting a short film, along with the what’s, the who’s, and the how’s of the business.

#InfuencerYarn with Joyce Buen and Owie dela Cruz (plus guests)
Social Media can be a monster or your best friend – it really depends on what and how you feed it and why you’re doing it in the first place. Learn the ins and outs of social media management with your favorite #abottalainfluencers who are also trying to figure this whole thing out along with a few guests who know what they’re actually doing!

Python for Absolutely Clueless Wannabe Coding Nerds with Alex Francia
A class that uses Python as an entryway into the world of coding. Novices and complete beginners alike will find that Python is not only a powerful and popular programming language, but one that is incredibly easy to pick up and understand. On top of learning the basics of Python, students can expect any other programming language to look a lot less like out-worldly gibberish!

This summer, two of our teens played their very first live gig.
They were the front act for their mentor, singer-songwriter, Acel.


The Job Hunt 101: The Battle To Find A Job In Today’s World with Ailene Molina
*First 4 sessions of the block
We learn about the very real struggles of looking for a job, and the new tools that one needs to have to navigate this century’s job search. Spoiler alert: if you’re willing to put in the work, you will find work.

Driver’s License with Gabe Gabriel
Whether you’re afraid to get behind the wheel or gung ho to burn rubber, there are a few things you need to know. Let Gabe Gabriel walk you through driving 101 — pros and cons of having a car, sharing the road and road safety, your role as a responsible driver, as well as alternative modes of transportation. He takes his personal experiences (and accidents) to help prepare you for the long and exciting road ahead.

Hindi Unscripted! with Joyce Buen
Welcome to the ultimate “show, don’t tell” class! Know what it takes to make a script that works, whether for the screen or the stage. Learn all this from scriptwriters for TV, film, theatre, and events! The best part? You get to write your own!

Rights not Yikes! with Mich Alagao
A crash course on basic human rights, focusing on issues in the Philippines. By the end of the class, you should (hopefully) know a little bit about the history of human rights, its promotion and protection, how human rights and responsibilities affect you, and some other things that might make you go… Yikes!

Game Show Hour with Ericho Fuentes
History, Science, Art, Movies, and anything under the sun, really. Lead your team to victory in the weekly Game Show Hour — our version of your typical Quiz Night! Game Show Hour is open to all block 1 members of Abot Tala.

Mugs of Character: A Character Design Class with Migs Urgino
Whether you’re creating an epic space opera filled with grand battles and wild adventures or telling a tale of the wacky misadventures of your everyday heroes, characters will always be an essential part of the process. In this eight-week course, you will go on a little adventure of your own, diving into the world of visual storytelling and the fundamentals of character design. Throughout this quest, you will be training your eye by studying some of the most iconic characters from film, video games, and books, and discovering just what makes these characters stand out from the rest! Throughout this journey, you will be putting these newfound skills to the test by making a few characters of your own. So long as you journey on with a burning passion to create and allow your imagination to run wild, nothing will stop you! By the end of our time together, who knows, perhaps you will have a character with the makings of the next great hero – or villain – the choice is yours!

“Un Beau Tas, Là!” A Conversational French Class with Eldrick Yuji Los Baños
Learn the essentials of pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary in this introduction to a language used daily by 250 million people worldwide. From music to memes, we’ll discover how to express ourselves in French with the help of pop culture.

Singer-Songwriter, Mentor, and Stage “Tito” Mikey Amistoso with the teens of Musician’s Circle.

It’s our way of making sure that there’s one day a week that’s fully available to all of our members so we can build a stronger community of self-directed learners. These classes and activities are mostly teen-led. They can also hold their club meeting and watch parties on this day. It’s their day, their rules.

The following mentor-led clubs are also available on Freedom Fridays:

Kasaysayan Tambayan with Nat Sundiang and other volunteer mentors who love history!
Tambay tayo and lets have discussions revolving around any history topic that you’d like to share or learn about!

Tara, Kain! with Nat Sundiang
Why not learn to cook the food that you love to eat? Or if you do enjoy cooking, pahingi naman ng recipe! After all, meals are usually more fun when shared.

Musician’s Circle with Mikey Amistoso
Hang out with musicians in our community and geek out about music!

To read about our mentors, click here (staff) and here (guest mentors).

For more photos of our past activities, visit our Instagram accounts here: and

For more information or to set an appointment for an online family meeting with us, send an email to or or call/send a message to 0915-2864494. 

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