Our Blocks

Since 2020, at the start of the nationwide lockdown, Abot Tala has been serving its community online. This 2022, we have begun organizing meet-ups in outdoor areas and private venues while observing necessary safety protocols.

Classes take place over Zoom or Gather, and coordination is done via Slack.

A block usually runs for eight (8) weeks, with two-week mental health breaks in between each block, one week being our teen-led week. Below is our 2022 calendar:

In every block:

  • Members get to choose their classes
  • Classes are synchronous or asynchronous
  • Classes are conducted by practitioners in the arts, business, entrepreneurship, music, Science, the academe (and other industries)

If you’d like to know more about our current block, click here.

Here are the links to our previous blocks:
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2021 Blk Three 2021, Blk Two 2021, Blk One 2021, Summer 2021, Blk Four 2021
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2019Blk Three 2019, Blk Two 2019, Blk One 2019, Summer 2019

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