AT High & Launchpad Block Two 2022

What: Block Two of Abot Tala’s Self-Directed and Interest-Led Learning Program
When: August 15-October 7, 2022
Where: Abot Tala’s Slack Workspace, Zoom, Gather Town, as well as different locations every Monday for our in-person SDL (Spontaneous, Dynamic, Liberated Self-Directed Learning sessions).
Who: Young people, ages 12-22 who would like to be part of an interest-led learning community. We welcome teen homeschoolers, unschoolers, and those who are taking a break or gap year, especially during this global pandemic.


Our teens get to choose and join the classes they’d like to be part of based on their interests and curiosity. They have the freedom to design their personal schedule around the classes they’ve chosen, so they’d also have time to collaborate with other teens and work on their passion projects and homeschool requirements (if they have a homeschool provider). When they join our classes they won’t be graded. The motivation to be part of a class is purely to learn and not to earn grades.

Each teen is also paired up with a mentor for one-on-one sessions where they get to talk about how their classes and activities are going, what keeps them busy, what projects they’re working on, whatever direction they wish to take, and more.

Teens and young adults may choose to join the Launchpad program. The minimum age to join is 16 if the teen has been with Abot Tala High for at least one block, and 17 for new members. 

This is a specialized program wherein members will have access to portfolio, apprenticeship, and business start-up mentors. Launchpad aims to support young people as they develop future-proof skills, connect to a thriving network of professionals, and take on real-life passion projects. However, if you feel that your teen is ready for the Launchpad program and is not yet 16 or 17, please let us know so we may discuss it.



Please note that all of the programs include the following as well: 

  • Weekly mentor-led community events (Community Huddle and Game Show Hour)
  • Mentor-led clubs (Writer’s Guild, Musician’s Circle, Kasaysayan Tambayan, Clueless Coders Club, Scientific Research Club, Ano Ba Yarn, Mugs of Character)
  • Freedom Fridays (teen-led classes & activities)
  • Online learning resources

Please note the additional rates for those who would like to join our in-person SDL sessions that take place two Mondays per month (exact dates to be announced):

  • For four (4) SDL locations/in-person sessions: additional ₱2,000 
  • Selected SDL location/in-person session: ₱600 per location per session

If your teen would like to join just our in-person SDL, please get in touch with us.

For those who are part of the Launchpad program:

  • Portfolio Mentoring: additional 1,000 per month per mentor
  • Apprenticeship Mentoring: additional 1,000 per month per mentor
  • Business Start-up Mentoring: additional 1,000 per month per mentor

For those who would like to know more about our fee breakdown and how to pay in terms throughout the block, please visit our fees page or click here. Please note that if the number of classes you choose includes a .5 value(e.g. 3.5, 6.5, and so on), it is rounded up.


  1. If you have any questions or clarifications about the program, you may email us at or
  2. You may register for the block here.
  3. Expect an email to confirm your registration. Please note that we’ll be processing registrations from Monday to Friday 9-11 am only. If your teen submits the form beyond that window, please expect an email the day after.
  4. Family meeting (for new members only)
  5. Expect your invoice and our bank details via email. Please note that invoices will also be processed from Monday to Friday 9-11 am as well.
  6. Once payment has been made (via online transfer or Paypal), please email our billing address a copy of your proof of payment. This is a very important step because this allows us to trace payments.
  7. After we’ve received a copy of your proof of payment, an invitation to our Slack workspace will be sent to your teen so they can start to get to know the community through the non-class channels. We will also add your teen to his/her class channels on Slack.
Rewind to our first community huddle last block!


Community Huddle with Abot Tala Staff Mentors
The only hour in the week where all of our teens are in one place! During huddles we have activities, both mentor and teen-led, to help us get to know each other better. We also get to talk about community updates, plans for the day or the week, as well as questions and issues they may have about the program. This is also when we consult the teens about certain decisions we make for the community. The huddle is open to all block 2 members of Abot Tala.

SDL Mondays

Mondays are for SDL Learning: Spontaneous, Dynamic, and Liberated Learning! It’s the best way to transition from the weekend to a full-on week! Show up with or without an agenda! Learn about what you’re currently into with peers and mentors. From watching films or shows to playing games, working on crafts, or just hanging out and collaborating with the Abot Tala community. SDL Mondays are available both in-person in different locations every Monday. It is also available virtually on Abot Tala’s Gather Town space.


Math Gym B (Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra) with Ericho Fuentes
This math class covers pre-algebra topics such as integers, fractions, percentages, and basic geometry. The objective of this course is to equip the learners with basic, practical mathematics knowledge that will prepare them for real-life applications and higher mathematics. This course will be administered asynchronously while utilizing online resources from Khan Academy and Tutorials in Taglish to address the varied learning paces and levels of the members of the class.

hoMEALone with Nat Sundiang
Home alone? No meals to order? Join hoMEALone and you’ll never go hungry again!

This is a class for teens who are learning how to cook on their own. Under the guide of a veteran dormer, learn to come up with your own college-dorm-cooking-inspired dishes that are quick, easy, healthy and of course, delicious! 

The Plot Thickens: Writing Horror and Suspense with Icia Encinas
Have you ever wanted to write a compelling scary story to scare your friends? Or maybe just write a gripping suspense thriller with a surprising twist? This block’s writing class will focus on the elements of horror and suspense. We will be reading classic short fiction, watching short films, and of course writing them ourselves. Prepare for workshops and of course, creative writing prompts! See you there!

Noted with thanks: Professional Writing with Mich Alagao (last 4 weeks of the block)
This is a short introductory class on professional writing. By the end of the class, you’ll know the common kinds of professional messages, basic email and social media messaging etiquette, and how to develop professional messages that are clear, concise, and communicate your main points effectively.  

Voice Acting & Storytelling with Trish Cabral
Do you want to learn how to do voice acting and dubbing? Then this class is for you! Learn from someone who currently works with several post-production houses to provide the character voices for actors for various soap operas in Tagalog, Spanish, Korean, and Portuguese that are dubbed into English for export


Filipino Sign Language (FSL) with Pauline & Cristina Guanzon
Learn basic or advanced FSL in 8 sessions. This class is English-based (not Tagalog), and is largely based on ASL just with some localization to Filipino culture.

Check the Label with Ericho Fuentes (first 4 weeks of the block)
Is it safe? Will it burn? Will it make my stomach turn?

This class will talk about the basic, tangible properties of materials and chemicals. The learners will explore scenarios in history and the industrial setting where these properties can be exploited as benefits, hazards, or both. Up-to-date international conventions on the classification and labelling of materials will also be discussed.

This class does not require prior background or training in chemistry, and is open to all teens.

Science and the Senses with Ericho Fuentes (last 4 weeks of the block)
Paintings. Food. Perfumes. Music Clothing.. Before they evoke emotions as at in our brains, they are received by our sense organs. Let’s talk about how our eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin help us explore everything around us, and how our brain processes and reacts to them.

Act Naturally with Joyce Buen
Bitten by the acting bug? Great! Let’s learn and work together in this hands-on acting class where you will test out different acting techniques used in the theatre.Try out various characters and genres while we workshop your performances. Whether you are acting out a monologue or a scene with a partner, it’s sure to be challenging, but fun!

Math Gym A and A+ (Algebra, Geometry, Pre-calculus) with Ericho Fuentes
This class covers algebra, geometry, and precalculus. This course will be administered asynchronously while utilizing online resources from Khan Academy and Tutorials in Taglish to address the varied learning paces and levels of the members of the class. This course is recommended for teens who are considering a career in science, engineering, and finance.

Video Editing with Ariel Ignacio
Level up your editing skills and techniques while developing your aesthetic and creative eye. The class is recommended for those who plan to edit for content creators, or for those who want to learn how to edit their own content.

Note: Software to be used is Adobe Premier Pro


Basic Russian with Cindy Wong
Traveling or doing business in Russia? Learn how to write, read and pronounce basic Russian, plus its history and etiquette in between.

SIKLAB: El Filibusterismo with Icia Encinas
Nagbabalik ang Siklab upang ituloy ang diskurso pagkatapos ng Noli me Tangere. Sino si Simoun? Ano nga ba ang kaniyang pakay? Ano na ba ang nangyari kina Basilio at sa mga kabataang nag-aaral?

Tuklasin natin ang sabay-sabay at kilalanin ang pilibusterong nagbalik upang maghasik ng kaniyang paghihiganti at ang naging epekto nito sa kasaysayan at mga mamamayan ng Pilipinas.

How to Read Body Language with Diane Gabriel
If people were books, what would the covers say? Our facial expressions, hand and arm gestures, tone of voice, and even posture can be powerful communication tools. In this class we will learn how to read and use body language in navigating and building our relationships at home and work.

Relationships 101 with Diane and Gabe Gabriel (first 4 weeks of the block)
“Throughout this journey of life we meet many people along the way. Each one has a purpose in our life. No one we meet is ever a coincidence.” – Mimi Novic. 

In the next 4 weeks let’s have an open discussion on the kind of relationships we have now and any questions we might have about the relationships we will encounter in our journey of life and even love.

Wordshop: Making Comics and Graphic Novels with Mich Alagao and guests (last 4 weeks of the block)
In this class, you will be assigned exercises related to writing for comics and graphic novels. You will also get to meet and hear from local comic book writers and artists as they share their advice and tips.  

Game Show Hour with Ericho Fuentes
History, Science, Art, Movies, and anything under the sun, really. Lead your team to victory in the weekly Game Show Hour — our version of your typical Quiz Night! Game Show Hour is open to all block 2 members of Abot Tala.

It’s our way of making sure that there’s one day a week that’s fully available to all of our members so we can build a stronger community of self-directed learners. These classes and activities are mostly teen-led. They can also hold their club meeting and watch parties on this day. It’s their day, their rules.

The following mentor-led clubs are also available (schedule to be decided by club members):

Writer’s Guild with Icia Encinas
A creative writing club!

Musician’s Circle with Mikey Amistoso
Hang out with musicians in our community and geek out about music!

Kasaysayan Tambayan with Nat Sundiang and other volunteer mentors who love history!
Tambay tayo and let’s have discussions revolving around any history topic that you’d like to share or learn about!

Clueless Coders Club with Alex Francia
Interact with fellow coders!

Scientific Research Club with Ericho Fuentes
If you’re interested in science and/or research, then this is the club for you! Consult with our Academic mentor and begin your own scientific research project!

Ano Ba Yarn?! with Mich Alagao
Spend a relaxing hour knitting, crocheting, or cross-stitching while listening to music or chatting with other yarn-fanatics! 

Mugs of Character: Sketchy Business with Miguel Urgino (first 4 weeks of the block)
Creating your own characters has never been more popular, but not everyone knows how to express their characters through art in a way that satisfies their vision. Your babies deserve better! Join me in this club for drawing characters as I share all the things I’ve learned over the years trying to do my own bois justice! By the time we’re through, you’ll (hopefully) have all the fundamental building blocks for drawing people that can help your skills rise above and beyond!

To read about our mentors, click here (staff) and here (guest mentors).

For more photos of our past activities, visit our Instagram accounts here: and

For more information or to set an appointment for an online family meeting with us, send an email to or or call/send a message to 0915-2864494. 

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