In Awe of Grass and Other Realities

A blog by our Founder, Joei Villarama Touching the grass has a higher wow factor after two years of lockdown staying at home for the most part. Hanging out, jamming, playing games, cooking pasta with three types of sauces, going to the playground, invading the music room and making it our own for an hour,Continue reading “In Awe of Grass and Other Realities”

Reaching For The Stars Through Abot Tala

One of our students, Arthur Eustaquio created a documentary on what defines Abot Tala which he uploaded on his Youtube channel. The caption read “This film is dedicated to the Idea of Liberated Learning. And follows the progression of the first Self-Directed Learning Center In Asia called ‘Abot Tala’ it is a Filipino term forContinue reading “Reaching For The Stars Through Abot Tala”