The membership fee includes:

  • Regular mentoring and coaching
  • Access to all classes, workshops and tutorials which are based on the interests of the members
  • Access to a network of mentors, professionals and experts in various fields
  • Family conferences
  • Personalized and collaborative learning
  • Use of the Abot Tala space for doing their projects, socializing, studying
    (open Mondays to Thursdays 8:45am – 3:45pm)

Please note that there is a separate fee for the homeschool provider that goes directly to the provider.  The family can choose to go with Abot Tala’s partner homeschool provider or with another provider depending on what resonates best with the family.

Please note that Abot Tala is not a tutorial center where members pick and choose the classes they want and attend only those.  Abot Tala offers a total package of self-directed education where teens are free to choose the activities and classes they want to join and use the center as their own club, their home away from home, a safe space where they can thrive and flourish as they please.

Pay every month                         P  15,000

Pay every two months                P  28,000

Pay every three months              P  42,000

Pay every five months                 P  67,000

Pay one time for ten months      P 130,000

The member can also choose to have a one-week free trial period so he or she can decide if Abot Tala is a good fit.  Members can start at any time.  Fees do not include field trips and outings.  Siblings get 12% off.

This is a special introductory price that is valid only till December 31, 2018.  Contact us to make a reservation.

Abot Tala’s partner homeschool provider, Gopala Learning Haven is a member of the Homeschool Association of the Philippines and has been helping homeschooling families since 2008.   The homeschool provider fee for one year is P18,000 which includes DepEd registration and accreditation.  The homeschool provider is the bridge between the family and DepEd to ensure that homeschool requirements are met.  This fee of P18,000 can be paid only in full.  There is an option to pay in two installments with an additional P5,000 charge.

Abot Tala and Gopala work hand in hand so that the members can fulfill the requirements needed for them to go on to college or the next stage in their life.  By fulfilling the DepEd requirements through the help and guidance of Gopala, the homeschooler-Abot Tala member can end up with a Senior High Diploma, report card and transcript that can be used in their application to universities here and abroad.

The family is also free to choose another homeschool provider that resonates with them and Abot Tala is happy to work with any provider.


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