You can check out our fees for each block in the table below.
Early registration rates apply when you pay the fee per block in whole during the specified period. Should you wish to pay in terms, the regular rates apply. Please note the following:
  • We request a 30% initial payment upon registration.
  • The next payment of 35% will be due during the 4th week of the block.
  • The last 35% is due during the last week of the block.

Since Abot Tala is a non-profit organization, we really aim to encourage the growth of our community and make our classes and other services available to as many young people as we can.
Do you want to understand how much each class really costs? Here’s the breakdown of our fees!
The rates per class are lower when you sign up and pay in whole early. Check out the current block’s page to find out the dates where the early registration rates apply.
Please note that the rates per block do not include our in-person SDL Mondays six times a block when our teens meet up in different locations. The rate for that is 3,000 per block for six sessions. Teens may also just sign-up per session/location. The rate for that is 600 per session. Meanwhile, virtual SDL Mondays on Gather Town are already included in the program fee per block.
Our fees may be paid via bank transfer (Abot Tala has a BDO account), credit/debit card via Paypal, and via Gcash.

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