June-July 2019

Abot Tala’s two-month run at Commune, Poblacion has culminated in a party at our new home at Tres Palmas Commercial Arcade, Taguig.  This is our program offering for June-July:

*Scroll down for class descriptions

The Abot Tala Program is composed of the following:

Classes – members choose the classes they are interested in while the mentors offer classes that they are passionate about.  There are both regular and pop-up classes.

Clubs – formed by the members themselves (e.g. food, book, Japanese club)

Project / Acad Hour – daily time for working on personal projects, learning and academic goals with the help of mentors

Block presentation – at the end of each period of two or three months, the members will present and exhibit what they learned

Mentorship – weekly one-on-one sessions with a full-time mentor and more targeted or field-related guidance with guest mentors

For more details about the fees, click here.

Our space in Taguig is now ready and we’re all excited to welcome adventurers in out-of-the-box, self-directed and interest-led learning. 

If you’d like to know more about Abot Tala, please come to one of our orientation days this June. If none of the dates work for you, please call 0915-2864494 or send an email to abottala.ph@gmail.com to set an appointment for a family meeting.

Here’s more information about the classes:

Math Gym
The Math Gym is a personalized enrichment program for learners who want to enhance their math knowledge and skills. Each learner’s current level and goals will be assessed at the beginning of the term. Throughout the duration of the course, a personalized curriculum will be develops based on the learner’s aptitude and learning style.

Youtube Fitness
The teens have the freedom to choose their workout/stretching exercise for the day by following youtube workout videos. The goal is to get them moving and stretching.

Uke Can Jam
This is a ukulele class where learners get to share the songs they learned or written in a community jam format. The sessions occasionally have a theme (theater, OPM, Beatles), and are tailored to the interests and goals of the learners. Teens don’t just learn new songs every week on the Uke, those who play other instruments can jam along too.

Free Jam
We’ve noticed that a one-hour music class is never enough for our teens. So we’ve given them an extra hour to jam freely. On certain days, Rommel dela Cruz, a professional musician, and possibly other musicians too will jam with the teens too.

Home Alone: A Survival Guide
This is our version of home economics or home ed class. Let’s face it, we all need to learn how to get to a point of survival in the kitchen and beyond. Since there’s a self-service laundry place right below Abot Tala, they’ll learn how to do their own laundry, how to clean their shoes (a requested topic!) and possibly even how to grocery-shop wisely. It’s learning how to do house chores because mom won’t always be there to help them out.

Improvisation is one of our most requested classes by the teens. No wonder, coz it’s fun and the skills they’ll learn are extremely useful in life, no matter what career path they choose. (Improv Theater is making scenes/lines up on the spot.)

Breaking Good (Chemistry Experiments)
This course aims to provide learners with introductory knowledge in chemistry and material science. The approach will be mostly qualitative and descriptive with focus on industrial processes, natural phenomena, and practical applications.

Film Photography 102
More principles of photography, portrait photography, landscape photography, street photography, post-processing, finding your personal style, making a zine/gallery.

Film Appreciation Class
(featuring movies that came out before they were probably born)
This class would teach the basics of what to look out for when watching movies and how to develop critical thinking towards movies that we consume.

Storytelling 101 (Fiction Writing)
This class will explore the elements of fiction. They will also learn how to tell good cohesive stories with character development.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
A study on crimes, ethics, and philosophy. The teens will be given scenarios and they will be encouraged to freely discuss their opinions, which will hopefully help them make well thought of decisions.

Pay It Forward
Videos of people doing random acts of kindness are always a hit on the internet for a reason — people like seeing other people do good in the world. This class will put the spotlight on those people and hopefully, it’ll encourage our teens to spread kindness wherever they are too. This is our attempt to help make the world a better place.

In Pursuit of Happiness
A class that aims to encourage teens to take note of or discover whatever makes them happy or fulfilled (to keep them going in life). There’ll be discussions about family, love, their hobbies, stuff they love to watch or do, etc. The goal is to fill up each member’s happy tank, so in tough or confusing times, hopefully, they’ll remember to get inspiration from whatever makes them happy.

DIY Food
Learning how to be resourceful in making meals from scratch, experimental home cooking, and learning how to make simple pantry basics at home.

Self-Esteem 102
Continuation to Self-Esteem 101 where teens will continue to explore, understand, and value their authentic and unique selves and learn skills that will enable them to mature and move down their own paths with confidence, integrity, and peace.

Grit for Life
This class is aimed at helping teens build perseverance, self-control, and growth mindset, in order to better prepare them to fail well and bounce back so they may reach their long-term goals.

Circuit Building 1
This course aims to acquaint learners with digital electronics hardware and skills needed to work with them such as soldering and Boolean algebra (logic gates). At the end of the term, learners will be engaged in a project related to the construction or enhancement of an electronic device.

“I Wanna Be a YouTuber”
What is life like as a YouTuber? What kind of work does it involve? What are the perks and responsibilities? Learn from a YouTuber who has over 80,000 subscribers.

Desktop Building
How do you put together a computer? How do you clean it? How do you do this and that….? These are the questions our teens have about computers and our mentor is up for the challenge to teach them whatever they need to know about computer engineering.

Food Club
We have a number of teens who are great in the kitchen and are passionate about food. Every Thursday, the kitchen is theirs! They are free to experiment and teach other teens as well.

Functional Fitness Training
Learning the basics of functional exercise, healthy plate building, and how food affects your body.

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