Online June-July 2020

Abot Tala Self-Directed Learning Center will run another online program for teens ages 12-18 from June 15 to July 31, 2020. This program is ideal for those who are still on break during the community quarantine and for teen homeschoolers and unschoolers who are looking for non-traditional classes and a community they can be part of.

We’ve set up a virtual Abot Tala teen center on Slack. Teens have access to the channels or rooms of their different classes anytime throughout the program and when it’s time for their class, their mentor will teach and facilitate the class via a Zoom meeting (video call). All teen members will also have access to non-class channels where they can discuss their different interests not just with fellow teens but with our mentors as well.

Our classes are from Mondays to Thursdays, 9am-4pm. Each class is one hour long with fifteen-minute breaks after each class. Teen members are free to pick only the classes they’re interested in and they can choose to attend Abot Tala full-time, or they can choose certain days of the week when the classes they like are scheduled.

Over the summer, we had our teens send in their class requests for the June-July block. Once that list was compiled, they voted for the classes they are truly interested in. Once the results were in, we were able to merge certain classes & topics to make sure we were giving the teens as many of the classes they want to have. 80% of the classes you see above got the highest number of votes. 20% of the classes are based on the mentors’ interests. Before releasing this to the public, we showed it to our teens and we’re happy to say that it is 100% teen approved!

To learn more about our mentors, click here.


What the fee includes: Access to all classes that are available on the day(s) they’ve signed up for including our Community Huddle every Monday at 9am, access to our subscription and priority sign-up for our Free Friday classes/sessions, which we are offering free of charge for teens who would like to experience what Abot Tala classes are all about. Teens also have access to our clubs such as The Language Club (to be mentored by one of the Abot Tala Parents), Etiquette & Social Graces (which will also be mentored by a parent), Open Legend (think Dungeons & Dragons but not restricted to a medieval fantasy setting), possible a faith/devo group for teen girls, plus the teens’ band need a few more members!

Those who sign-up for fulltime membership (4x and 3x a week) are matched with a mentor whom they have one-on-one advisory sessions once a week. Fulltime members also have access to the live online classes of our partner Liberated Learners centers in the USA.

Meanwhile, for those who’d like to join us but would only want to choose per class basis, the fee is 2,400 per class (seven sessions). They will only have access to the channel/room of the class they signed up for.


  1. If you have any questions or clarifications about the program, you may email us at or call/text 09152864494.
  2. Once you’re ready to sign-up, click here and fill up our sign-up form.
  3. After we’ve received your form, we’ll send you your invoice and our bank details.
  4. Once payment has been made (via online transfer or Paypal), please email us a copy of your proof payment.
  5. After we’ve received a copy of your proof of payment, we will send your teen the invitation to our virtual center workspace via Slack.

Here’s more information about the classes:


Community Huddle
The only hour in the week where all of our teens are in one place! During huddles we have activities, both mentor and teen-led, to help us get to know each other better. We also get to talk about community updates, as well as questions and issues they may have about the program. This is also when we consult the teens about certain decisions we make for the community. The Community Huddle is open to all members of Abot Tala, even if they didn’t sign up to attend on Mondays.

Math Gym A (Advanced) with Ericho Fuentes
This class covers algebra and geometry. This course will use study materials from Khan Academy to address the varied learning paces and levels of the members of the class. This course is recommended for teens who are considering a career in science, engineering, and finance.

Script Analysis with Joyce Buen
This class teaches proper analysis and preparation for working with dramatic text. Together, we’ll be discovering more as we read scripts and explore the possibilities of their stagings through a technique called Backwards and Forwards. This technique will improve your theatre experience as a performer, director, as part of a production team, or even as an audience!

Teen Activism with Razel Suansing
For long, we have believed that we must wait until our adult years to make an impact. This is no longer the prevalent truth. This course teaches you how you can make an impact NOW! This hybrid class will teach you how to start your NGO (turning your idea into action), how to fundraise, how to use journalism and creative writing to raise awareness and create change. Razel will also provide one-on-one mentoring to create a change in the area you prefer! What are you waiting for? Make the difference you want to make now!

Math Gym B (Basics & Beyond) with Ericho Fuentes
This math class covers pre-algebra topics such as integers, fractions, percentages, and basic geometry. The objective of this course is to equip the learners with basic, practical mathematics knowledge that will prepare them for real life applications and higher mathematics. This course will use study materials from Khan Academy to address the varied learning paces and levels of the members of the class.

[H]istorya with Dustin Ancheta
Teens get a crash course in Philippine History in the context of what was happening with the rest of the world. It’s designed to challenge the students’ perspectives of the Philippines and its role in the world at large.


Basic Filipino Sign Language with Pauline & Cristina Guanzon
Learn the basics of FSL. If you’ve never taken a sign language class, this is a good starting point. FSL is English-based (not Tagalog), and is largely based on ASL just with some localization to Filipino culture.

Magkwentuhan Tayo! with Owie dela Cruz
It’s a full hour of talking about all sorts of stuff in Filipino and Taglish. The goal is to get the teens comfortable in conversing in Filipino and Taglish.

Advanced Filipino Sign Language with Pauline & Cristina Guanzon
If you’ve learned the basics of FSL, this class will help you level up how you communicate in Sign.

The ACG Experience: Where Anime & Games Intersect with John Robert Lim
This class aims to take a look at the interplay between anime culture and gaming. It takes learners on a trip through history and the evolution of the gaming scene in Japan. They’ll also get to learn the appeal of the game genres with anime influence that Japan can truly call its own, such as JRPGs and visual novels.

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly with Michellan Alagao
A study on crimes, ethics, and philosophy. The teens will be given scenarios and they will be encouraged to freely discuss their opinions, which will hopefully help them make well thought of decisions.

Creating Believable Characters: A Creative Writing Class with Michellan Alagao
In this class learn how to do a character study and create your own characters who think and act like actual people.

This was taken during one of the Anime Appreciation classes during our Summer Program.


Penmanship & Doodling with Ginger de Guia
Learn the art or practice of writing using pen and paper, as well as the joy of doodling.

Cook-along with Joyce Buen
Cook-along as Joyce cooks in her own kitchen! Food is always great, but it also can always be better! Learn how to level-up basic meals with pro-tips and tricks, secrets, and techniques from Joyce! Improve your everyday dishes, impress your family, friends, or Instagram followers!

Pinoy Ako with Camille Molina
Explore what makes the Pinoy unique – what makes Juan tick and why does he think the way he does? Explore and get to know the roots of the modern Pinoy through his food, music, literature, and society.

Design Thinking with Leo Lallana
Take a crash course on this non-linear 5-stage process which is a structured way of solving almost any type of problem. It provides an opportunity for teens to take ownership of solving problems in a creative, positive, and innovative way.

Made of What? A Chemistry Appreciation Class with Ericho Fuentes
This is an introductory course to general chemistry in which learners will be acquainted with various substances used in everyday life and in different fields. The course will also discuss basic material properties that chemists and material scientists exploit in the chemicals that they use, and as well as principles of chemical bonding.

Artist/Band Analysis + Surviving Band Life with various professional musicians
This isn’t your typical music class! It’ll be a different mentor every week who’ll share about their greatest musical influences and inspirations, as well as the realities of band life and the Philippine music industry.
Alternates weekly with:

Music Appreciation: A Teen-Led Class
Every session a different teen gets to host. Join the class and share the music you like. The only rules are: respect each other and respect everyone’s opinion.


Creative Design Basics with Diane Gabriel
A class on some of the principles within the Three C’s of Design – Composition, Components, and Concept – and a discussion on the importance of curation vs. creation in good creative design.

1000 Places to See with Owie dela Cruz
This class is based on the New York Times Best Seller book “1,000 Places to See Before You Die.” Expect to travel virtually, visiting different spots every week via photos and videos, with lessons on culture, geography, and travel. Join the class and craft your ultimate traveler’s list for when we can all finally roam the world again!

Podcasting with Gabe Gabriel
This class will focus on content creation and how to capture the audience through proper voice acting techniques.

Geek Out: Creativity & Civilization with Marthy Angue
This class is going to be a 12,000-year exploration of the role of Creativity across history. Intersecting everything from Literature, Philosophy, Civics, Art History, and the Sciences, the Geek-Out incorporates these great achievements into the context of popular culture. Its goal is to build a broader view of the humanities – from the Classical to the Contemporary – and to build a strong foundation for creative thinking and problem-solving. The class itself is set to be a unique experience as much of it will be occurring inside a playable, explorable online game environment. Desktops or laptops are recommended.

Game Show Hour with Ericho Fuentes
History, Science, Art, Movies and anything under the sun, really. Lead your team to victory in the weekly Game Show Hour — our version of your typical Quiz Night!


These are classes and sessions that are free of charge for any teen who would be interested to join our sessions.

Uke Jam with Ericho Fuentes
Learn basic or advanced Ukulele from a professional Uke player.

Safe and Sound
A full hour dedicated to creating a safe and sound space by supporting each other. Our facilitators aim to give our teens hope and they help them take brave and healthy steps forward as they navigate through overwhelming situations. For more info please visit

To read about our mentors, click here.

For more photos of our past activities, visit our Instagram account here:

For more information or to set an appointment for an online family meeting with us, call or text 0915-2864494 . You may also join one of our Virtual Open Houses in the coming weeks.

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