October-December 2019

Here are the classes we’re offering from October 7 to December 19 based on the interests of the teens who are currently with us, and those who have expressed interest in joining Abot Tala.

Abot Tala operates during school hours from 9am to 3pm so it’s definitely not for those looking for after-school activities. Teen members can stay at the center and attend classes from Mondays-Thursdays, or they can also choose just certain days of the week to be with a community that meets regularly. They can stay from 9am-3pm or they can be at the center just for their classes.

The Abot Tala Program is composed of the following:

Classes – members choose the classes they are interested in while the mentors offer classes that they are passionate about.  

Mentorship – weekly one-on-one sessions with a full-time mentor and more targeted or field-related guidance with guest mentors

Clubs – formed by the members themselves (e.g. food, book, history & debate club)

Open Hour – time for community meetings and pop-up classes, time for our teens to work on personal projects, learning and academic goals with the help of mentors

Block presentation – at the end of each period of two or three months, the members will present and exhibit what they learned

For more details about the fees, click here.

Here’s more information about the classes:


Math Gym
Math Gym is a personalized enrichment program for learners who want to enhance their math knowledge and skills. Each learner’s current level and goals will be assessed at the beginning of the term. Throughout the duration of the course, a personalized curriculum will be develops based on the learner’s aptitude and learning style.

Relationships 101
Different guest speakers will be invited every week to share their story and nuggets of wisdom when it comes to all kinds of relationships — parent and teen, siblings, engaged couples, newly married couples, married couples who have married for years, single parents, or those who have chosen to remain single. The teens requested for this class because they know that relationships matter.

Improv Theater

This program will introduce the students to the Joy of Improv through exercises and theater games created by Viola Spolin as tools for learning and developing spontaneity, creativity and working with a team. Students will learn the basic and most fundamental principles of Improv: Be in the Moment, Active Listening, Accept and Build; principles that will help them develop self-confidence, quick thinking, become better collaborators and innovators.


Science Literacy
This class would include lectures, open forum discussions, and talks that cover relevant, must-know science concepts for the modern citizen. Latest and pressing topics in science and technology will be included.

Brand Design and Marketing
There’s more to branding than logos. This class will take you through the process of designing a brand for the purpose of marketing a product or service.

Photography Field Work
Put your photography skills to the test! We’re gonna be make zines, do documentary work, and even set-up a gallery!

Filipino Sign Language
FSL is English-based (not Tagalog), and is largely based on ASL just with some localization to Filipino culture. The mentors who’ll facilitate this class are siblings. One of them was born deaf/hard of hearing so students will really learn from mentors who use FSL on a daily basis.

3D Design and Printing
This is a class where the teens can create starting from any shape or object using a software program to 3D printing a model prototype. 3D Design gives a background idea of how animation, video games, figurines, and other products are made. Those who sign-up for this class will need to bring their own laptop.

Literature and Creative Writing
For this class there’ll be two modules: Fiction and Non-Fiction and the teens and their mentor will tackle a sub-genre of each every week. Under Fiction: Fantasy,
Folklore, Fairytales and Fables, Romance, Mystery/Horror/Thriller, Historical Fiction, and Realistic Fiction. Under Non-Fiction: Biography, Autobiography, and Journalistic Writing A corresponding writing assignment will also be given.


Painting (Art)
Start your Wednesdays with art. Learn watercolor basics and painting with acrylic on canvas from a professional painter.

Band Jam (Music)
We’ve got teens who want to form a band and some just enjoy jamming with each other. This is their hour. Every now and then a professional musician will also be invited to jam with them and tell them all about their experience as a Filipino musician.

Uke Can Do It! (Music)
This is a ukulele jam class which is open for first-timers, beginners and advanced players as well.

DIY Food
Learning how to be resourceful in making meals from scratch, experimental home cooking, and learning how to make simple pantry basics at home.

Piano Lessons
Whether you’re a beginner or someone wanting weekly practice sessions with a mentor, as long as you have the desire to be a better piano player, this is the class for you. *Limited to 3 slots because sessions are one-on-one.

(H)istorya: Philippine History in the context of World History
(H)istorya is a creative 11-week crash course in Philippine History in the context of what was happening with the rest of the world. It’s designed to challenge the students’ perspectives of the Philippines and its role in the world at large.

Illuminated Saber Training (P.E.)
Learn the basics of fencing. Get the force moving and channel your inner Jedi.


Music Theory
This class is designed for informally-trained; intermediate-level musicians who want to have a better understanding of notes, scales, chords, and other musical concepts. The students will also be guided on how to use these theoretical concepts in their own playing.

Basic Coding and Programming Theories. Those who sign-up for this class will need to bring their own laptop.

Basic Digital Filmmaking
For the course, teens will learn basics in Digital Filmmaking. Basic film language, camera techniques, editing techniques. The goal at the end of the course is for the class to be able to produce a film, which they can present during the block presentation.

Conversational Italian
Every block our teens ask to learn a foreign language. This block it’s Italian since one of our community members is Italian. Our mentor for this class taught English in Italy and spent 12 years raising her children there whose first language is Italian.

Kwentuhan Tayo
It’s a full hour of talking about all sorts of stuff in Filipino and Taglish. The goal is to get the teens comfortable in conversing in Filipino and Taglish.

Classical Guitar
Learn how to play the classical guitar and get to perform a piece at the block presentation. *Limited to 3 slots because sessions are one-on-one.

Mic Test…..1,2,3
An introduction to the world of radio announcing, dubbing and voice acting.

For more information or to set an appointment for a family meeting with us, call or text 0915-2864494 . 

To register for our October 7 – December 19 program, please send an email to abottala.ph@gmail.com.

To sign-up for the classes, click here

For program fees, click here

To see who our mentors are, click here.

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