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Direct Donations
If you believe in Abot Tala’s mission and vision, you can support our cause by directly donating. We are open to monthly donation plans or a one-time gift. If you would like to donate via PayPal, here is the link to do so: If you would like to donate via BDO or Gcash transfers, please send us an email and we’ll send you the details you need. If you would like to support Abot Tala in other ways, please get in touch with us.

Art Finds
Art finds is the Abot Tala community marketplace showcasing affordable art for everyone. You can donate or create original art, and share all or a portion of your proceeds to support Abot Tala.

Space Partnership
Before the pandemic, the Abot Tala community thrived with connections and relationships made at the Abot Tala Center located in Taguig. We would love to partner with you as we look for a new physical center to call home — where we can continue to connect and move forward in this new normal.

Support the Mentors

We have ways for you to show your appreciation to the Abot Tala mentors. You can buy them a cup of coffee or support their individual passion projects. Our Support a Mentor page is coming soon! Meanwhile, you can get in touch with us if you would like to start supporting a mentor.

Support the Teens

Make a difference in a teen’s life. If you are interested in sponsoring a teen’s self-directed education, email us at

Our teens often come together to put up their own events to raise funds for their chosen advocacies. The funds go to partner institutions and operational fees for their interest-led clubs. Follow us on social media to get updates on our events!


We are actively developing connections with people and organizations in various industries. Our goal is to have a wide-ranging community filled with industry practitioners, specialists, and leaders who are collaborative and innovative.

Here’s an evolving list of our partners. We’re working on making more awesome connections!


8Letters Bookstore and Publishing
Laminar Aviation
Payong Musikero
Tenzi Records

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