Abot Tala Junior: Where Playing is Learning

For ages 8-11.

Currently an exclusive program for younger siblings of Abot Tala High and Launchpad members (as well as kids of our current mentors). Abot Tala Junior kids meet online a few times a week to learn, socialize and play!

The meetings are mostly coordinated by volunteer parents and teens.

Abot Tala High: Self-Directed Learning for Teens

For ages 12-16.

Abot Tala High is our flagship program and specifically designed for non-traditional learners. Our goal is for teens to get to know themselves and what makes them come alive, all within a supportive and encouraging community. All of our classes and activities encourage personalized and collaborative learning.

We encourage exploration and curiosity, so there are classes that are unique and can’t be found anywhere else. We adapt to the changing needs of our community, so members can expect a lot of variety and surprises from block to block.

Launchpad Abot Tala: A Practical, Purpose-Driven Approach to Launching Your Career

For ages 17-22.

Whatever career path you choose, there are certain skills that you’ll need in order to navigate the changes and challenges that the future brings. We want to help our members develop those skills. The Launchpad program aims to support young people as they develop future-proof skills, connect them to a thriving network of professionals, and take-on real-life passion projects.

The things specific to the Launchpad program are: classes that focus on essential, industry-specific skills, the opportunity to avail of portfolio or business mentoring, and a separate community huddle wherein they can connect with peers who are in their age level or older. The Launchpad program can be an alternative or supplement to mainstream senior high schools, colleges, and universities.

Abot Tala Plus: Extra Enrichment for Everyone

For ages 12 and above.

We’ve often been asked if we will ever offer classes on weekends, classes for non-Abot Tala members, or classes for those who are no longer teens. We’re finally ready to launch a program that addresses all those needs and requests with Abot Tala Plus!

Our very first class under this program was an Abot Tala favorite which we believe should be experienced by as many people as possible. It’s called Verified: Navigating a World of Misinformation. In a nutshell, Verified is a class that helps people spot fake news! It was taught by Tiago Arnaiz, a journalist and one of our guest mentors.

If you want to know when the next Abot Tala Plus class is, follow our Facebook and Instagram as we’ll be posting upcoming classes there.

Abot Tala Media

Training ground for teens interested in all aspects of production: pre-production, production proper, and post-production.

You can find our work on Abot Tala’s official Youtube channel.

Click on the photo to take you to our YouTube channel.

Abot Tala Radio

Our homegrown streaming radio station! Every Thursday from 4 PM onwards AT Radio goes live. We’ve got original and cover songs, interviews, and podcasts featuring teens and mentors from the community. Our station manager is Gabe Gabriel, an experienced radio DJ, and guest mentor. His wife Diane Gabriel, also a guest mentor and board member, helps him run the station.

Click on the photo to take you to Abot Tala Radio.
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