AT High and Launchpad Summer 2022

Summer is right around the corner and so is our summer block! This year, we’ve changed it up so our teen and young adult members really feel summer vibes while learning. We can’t wait for our community to enjoy our ultra, super fun Abot Tala Summer!!!

What: Summer Block of Abot Tala’s Self-Directed and Interest-Led Learning Program
When: March 28 – April 30, 2022
Where: Abot Tala’s Slack Workspace, Zoom Rooms, Discord, and Gather Town
Who: Young people, ages 12-22 who would like to be part of an interest-led learning community. We welcome teen homeschoolers, unschoolers, and those who are taking a break or gap year, especially during this global pandemic.

Please take note of the following:

  • Before classes officially start, we’ve got a Teen-Led Week from March 21-25. This also serves as our free trial week. Please note that the trial week is for your teen to get to know the teens in our community. All of the classes & activities that week are teen-led (not the classes for the summer block just yet.)
  • We’ll be taking a break during Holy Week from April 11-16.

Here’s what you need to know about our summer program:

  • AT High and Launchpad members get to choose the classes they’d want to sign up for. These must be freely chosen by our teens and young adults based on their interests and curiosity. None of these classes are graded. Please note that we follow a non-coercive learning model.
  • All of the classes available were suggested by our current AT High and Launchpad members. When they did so, they had to keep in mind to suggest classes each staff mentor has never taught before! It’s their turn to pull the mentors out of their comfort zones! This was one of our major plot twists this summer!
  • Typically, our blocks are 8 weeks long. For the first time, we’re offering a 4-week block so teens and mentors can rest, enjoy the summer, and have time to meet up in May (if possible). Several classes will still have 8 sessions because they’ll be offered twice a week (instead of our usual once a week classes.)
  • Mondays are for SDL Learning: Spontaneous, Dynamic, and Liberated Learning! It’s the best way to transition from the weekend to a full-on week! Show up without an agenda except wanting to learn about what you’re currently into with peers and mentors. From watching films or shows to playing games, working on crafts, or just hanging out and collaborating with the Abot Tala community.
  • A special summer feature is our group mentoring sessions! Our teens usually have one-on-one sessions with either a mentor of their choice or a mentor that was specifically matched with them. Since it’s the summer, it’s time to change it up a bit for just 4 weeks! Teens will be grouped randomly and will be assigned to a mentor they’ve never had before. Through fun and casual kwentuhan sessions, they’ll get to interact with community members they don’t usually spend time with. Sessions are just once a week per teen.
  • Freedom Fridays are when classes and activities are mostly teen-led. It’s their day, their rules. We also might surprise them with a few pop-up classes by guest mentors every now and then!
  • Old teens and young adults can still join our Launchpad Program wherein members will have access to portfolio, apprenticeship, and business start-up mentors. Launchpad is for those 17-22 years old and it aims to support young people as they develop future-proof skills, connect to a thriving network of professionals, and take on real-life passion projects. 


For more details about the fees, please scroll to the end of this post.


Art BCE with Joyce Buen
(twice a week/8 sessions/counted as 1 class)
How did we get to art as we know it? Take a look at how art imitates and reflects life in this art history class! Get to know more about the important pieces and people that have shaped the art world today. Take a walk through the key movements and moments of art evolution. We’ll be learning through a mix of stories, group discussions, art appreciation activities, and virtual museum field trips. ns, art appreciation activities, and virtual museum field trips.

Relationships .001 with Joyce Buen
(once a week/4 sessions/counted as .5 class)
Every human being is designed to form interpersonal relationships and connections. There are no exceptions! That’s why it’s essential to learn all about it. In this class, we’ll be discussing how to navigate through all sorts of relationships with others and with yourself.

Exploring Physical Fitness with Ericho
(once a week/4 sessions total/counted as .5 class)
This class will feature guest fitness mentors who will not only discuss their fitness journey and philosophies, but will also demonstrate exercises they can do at home.

RPG World and Stories with Ericho Fuentes
(once a week/4 sessions/counted as 1 class because it is 2 hours long per session)
The class will collaboratively create the setting and storylines of RPG games similar to what is done in Dungeons and Dragons and Open Legend.

Improv with Mich Alagao and Ericho Fuentes
(once a week/4 sessions/counted as .5 class)
We will do different improv activities mixed with acting and public speaking! Improv can help you exercise your creativity, develop teamwork, and improve your listening skills, yes? Yes, and!

“If you like this, then you’ll like…” with Mich Alagao
(twice a week/8 sessions/counted as 1 class)
Looking for your next fiction, non-fiction, poetry, song, webtoon, graphic novel, K-Drama, or manga recommendation? Then this class is for you! Join us as we take a look at different types of literature and just maybe, your next fave!

Quarantine Cooking with Nat Sundiang
(once a week/4 sessions/counted as .5 class)
Join Nat as he guides you through your journey to becoming a (professional) home cook. Sharing with you his favorite quarantine recipes and kitchen techniques, these meals will be sure to not only impress your family, but also make cooking an ease.

Mixtape with Nat Sundiang
(once a week/4 sessions/counted as .5 class)
Good music brings good conversation. Share an hour with Nat to discuss and appreciate all sorts of music and maybe even learn a bit more about the bass

Literary Historians with Icia Encinas
(twice a week/8 sessions/counted as 1 class)
Ever wondered what connects our cultures together throughout history? This class invites students to learn about history through the lens of the literature written from the time period. Here, the students will learn to analyze and compare different pieces of literature from folklore to poetry produced from different time periods around the world.

FashOWN with Owie dela Cruz
(once a week/4 sessions/counted as .5 class)
It’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it! Learn how to style or upcycle what you have in your closet to make fashion work for you. This class will feature guests who are fasionistas, thrifters, and designers.

READy or Not! with Owie dela Cruz
(once a week/4 sessions/counted as .5 class)
Has it been a while since you’ve picked up a book and when you do, does it take you forever to finish a page or chapter? Well, READy or Not is for you! But hey, if you love to read and if you want to join us, you’re more than welcome, too! We’ll spend the first 15 mins silent reading whatever book you want to read that day.. When time is up, everyone gets to share a summary of what they just read (and it doesn’t really matter if you read a page or a chapter! At least you got to read something AND you got to hear about other books too!

2P: A Gaming Class for Teens and Parents with Tita Owie and Kuya Kristo
(parent & teen tandem class/once a week/4 sessions/counted as .5 class)
When was the last time you played a video game with your parent? Have you even tried it? Have they always wondered what you play and how to play it? Well, if it’s been a while or if you’ve never tried it before, this is your chance! This class has lots of bonus points: you get to enjoy different activities each week with your parent while you’re playing video games, you get to know each other even more in a fun setting, and of course, you get to be on the same team! This class will be facilitated by a non-gamer mom and her gamer son, so you’re in good company!

Teens and young adults may opt to just join SDL Mondays and none of our other classes for a fee. Please see details in the fees section below.

Community Huddle with Abot Tala Staff Mentors
The only hour in the week where the majority of our community members are in one place! During huddles we have activities, both mentor and teen-led, to help us get to know each other better. We also get to talk about community updates, as well as questions and issues they may have about the program. This is also when we consult the teens about certain decisions we make for the community. The huddle is open to all summer block members of Abot Tala.


Please note that all of the programs include the following as well: 

  • SDL Mondays
  • Weekly mentor-led community events 
  • Mentor-led clubs (Debate Club, Chess Club, Abot Tala Radio, Musician’s Circle, Writer’s Guild, Knitting Club)
  • Freedom Fridays (teen-led classes & activities)
  • Online learning resources

*For teens and young adults who would like to take a break from all of the classes this summer but would still like to be part of SDL Mondays, the fee for that is PhP 2,000 for the whole block. This includes 1 group mentoring session as well.

For those who are part of the Launchpad program:

Portfolio Mentoring: additional 1,000 per month per mentor
Apprenticeship Mentoring: additional 1,000 per month per mentor
Business Start-up Mentoring: additional 1,000 per month per mentor


  1. If you have any questions or clarifications about the program, you may email us at or
  2. Sign-up via our Google Form here: SUMMER BLOCK 2022
  3. Expect an email to confirm your registration.
  4. Family meeting (for new members only)
  5. An invitation to our Slack workspace will be sent to your teen so they can start to get to know the community through the non-class channels.
  6. Expect your invoice and our bank details via email.
  7. Once payment has been made (via online transfer or Paypal), please email our billing address a copy of your proof payment.
  8. After we’ve received a copy of your proof of payment, we will add your teen to his/her class channels on Slack.

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