Love Times Three

This February was a month full of love with three events: 1)  Valentine’s Day celebration of the teens’  love for their furry babies and friends, 2) North Star Alumni over the age of 30 sharing where they are now, 3) Meeting education dreamer and builder, Chris Balme online.   What a parade of talents itContinue reading “Love Times Three”

From Our Founder: Happy Mentoring Day!

I never knew there was an International Mentoring Day and that it falls on January 17.  There must be day for each thing under the sun. How did this mentoring day start? In honor of Muhammad Ali, the world celebrates the power of mentoring and how it contributes to creating a better world.  Muhammad AliContinue reading “From Our Founder: Happy Mentoring Day!”

Phil and the Giving Heroes

Phil, among others, is the Giving Hero of this story, but Phil is also the one who introduced us to Junver of the Giving Hero. Phil Smithson hatched this idea of running 60km for Abot Tala.  Then he set about figuring out how to do the fundraising campaign using Facebook.   During this process, he rememberedContinue reading “Phil and the Giving Heroes”

Arts & Antiques Fundraiser

Leon Gallery, the country’s premiere auction house in partnership with Abot Tala Self-Directed Education Presents anArts & Antiques Fundraiser Through this fundraising partnership, we are encouraging people who believe that education can radically be redefined for the future.  If you believe in what Abot Tala stands for and if you have paintings or antiques that youContinue reading “Arts & Antiques Fundraiser”

Think Like an Entrepreneur

The entrepreneurial mindset entails creative thinking to overcome challenges, decisiveness, and the ability to hold yourself accountable for any challenges and setbacks along the way.  If everyone thought like an entrepreneur, we would probably have more pro-active problem solvers tackling what needs to be addressed in our country and the world.   At Abot Tala, thisContinue reading “Think Like an Entrepreneur”